Armor Screen Protector is a competitively priced yet versatile way to protect your home or business. Not only do they offer protection from the heavy rain and flying debris during a hurricane, but they also provide other benefits, such as daily wind reduction and sun screening when used in the roll-ups. In addition, armor screen wind abatement systems are quick and easy to deploy because the screens are lightweight and the mounting systems typically require no special tools. Once deployed Armor Screen Protector, the fabric is see-through, so you won’t feel ensnared behind your hurricane protection. Armor screen protector has several mounting options available: grommet, clip, strap, and buckle, or track system and roll up.

armor/phantom FEATURES:

  • Easy lightweight installation.

  •  Provides visibility.

  •  Protects your home from heavy rain and flying debris.

  •  Virtually Maintenance free.

  •  Screens your home from sun rays.

  •  Provides excellent security and storm protection